Meet the team

imogen mcandrew


Co-founder - Creative

Immy oversees and creates our visual identity & marketing. She believes that in order for HALO & our partners to be understood & celebrated we must have visuals that compliment them.


She studied architecture at university and has always been fascinated with the natural world and loves designing spaces that work in symbiosis with it.

In her spare time she has just started rollerblading and can’t wait to go Saturday night fever on the streets of Bristol.

Duncan Harris


Co-founder - Strategy

Duncan has a variety of experience across the worlds of sustainable finance and climate research. He is the former Executive Director of Prosper Social Finance and remains on the advisory board. He is involved in a variety of climate activism work as a delegate to the Mock COP climate policy summit and as a Leader for the Climate Reality Project.


His passion for all things climate bleeds in to his musical side projects where he works climate themes into his musical creations.



Co-founder - Tech

Archie studied Classics at university, but is now focused on researching solutions to halt climate change and protect the environment. He is also the resident bookworm - reading, distilling and questioning the tsunami of climate books.


Away from HALO, you’ll find him either knitting, drumming in his band or practicing the lost art of coppicing in an ancient woodland on the South Downs. 



Co-founder - Partners

A 30 year career in investment banking and asset management (nearly 20 years at JP Morgan and 10 years as a founding partner at a boutique advisory firm) mixed with start-ups in biomass renewable energy and wastewater treatment.

 Andrew is Trustee of the Marr-Munning Trust and Bees Abroad - both charities focus on poverty relief through creating sustainable livelihoods. 


Currently finishing his dissertation for a MSc at SOAS in Climate Change and Development – it's going to be a riveting read on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement (bluff).




Sayan is an Environmental scientist, renewable energy consultant and record producer. He's been involved in the technical as well as  the humanitarian sides of the climate space.


Originally hailing from a small town in India called Bhopal he recently graduated from the University of Arizona.


For Sayan working with HALO reinforces the thought that humans are the only known species that can cause such mass destruction to our planet…. but we are also the only known species that can save it. 




Ed is experienced in environmental research from studying the effectiveness of biological controls in salmon farming to techniques to decarbonise his department at university. Experience researching at a private equity fund cemented his belief of utilising market forces for long-term environmental and social sustainability. Now alongside his work at HALO he is working towards a certification in ESG investing.


Ed spends his free time sewing shirts out of reclaimed materials and is currently teaching himself Spanish in anticipation of a cycling tour around Spain. 

The Council of Elders


From 1984-1997 John was Chair of the Dartington Hall Trust. He co-founded The Converging World Charity (TCW) in 2006, linking the UK with India, was largely influenced by this Dartington experience and its teachings of Tagore and Leonard Elmhurst. The TCW charity continues to produce clean energy from wind turbines in India, and also supports reforestation projects and infrastructure developments for the local populations. John’s commitment to climate change solutions is recognised by his Honorary Doctorates from three South West Universities.


Perses has been an independent climate change researcher, environmentalist and social entrepreneur with a focus on climate intervention, resilience and adaptation. He has a particular interest in promoting leapfrogging technologies in agriculture, healthcare, renewable energy and finite resource conservation, as we aim towards both carbon drawdown and net zero. He has been a part of The Converging World story in India for the past few years and a natural ally to the HALO initiative.  


Karen has pursued a portfolio career over the past 40 years and has wide experience of the chemical industry, education, water and the environment, international development, research and development and financial services. She was formerly a board member of the National Rivers Authority and the Environment Agency, Vice Chair of WaterAid, member of Council of the Natural Environment Research Council and trustee of the Plymouth Marine Laboratory. She has been Chair of Trustees of The Converging World since 2007.


Dr Rob Brown is a Director of the 'Active Trust Initiative' and a writer and innovator in public policy and service delivery. He is a NED of a number of social enterprises promoting collective social action and is a former Senior Partner in the Government Practice of PA Consulting Group. Rob has a longstanding commitment to developing strategies for equitable and sustainable economic development and his involvement in HALO has developed from his role as a Trustee of the John Pontin Trust and his active support for the Converging World initiative.