What I Did On My School Holidays? Anyone Seen My Flip-Flop?

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

A couple of years ago I went with my mum and dad to southern India. We stayed at a beautiful hotel in Kerala right on the beach.

Every morning we would take a stroll to take photos of the flip-flops and footwear that had washed up overnight to ponder the effects of ocean plastic pollution.

Ocean Plastic Pollution in India
Facebook - Diversifying into Flip Flops?

Each abandoned shoe no doubt has a story to tell…

The owner of each flip-flop no doubt shares the dreams we all have to look after the only home we’ve ever known …

Ever wondered “Does the other flip flop get up each morning and gaze mournfully out to sea wondering where its “sole-mate” has gone to?”

A lightbulb moment one morning … Quick write it down ..

Why not find a social enterprise that can help solve the problem of ocean bound plastic ..

They may not be able to mend the broken hearts of a million lonely shoes but it’s a start ..

Plastic Bank… building the earthrhize HALO one flip flop at a time ..

Remember a £9.99 per month membership allows us to clean-up 72kgs of ocean bound plastic ... that's a hell of a lot of flip flops, even by the standards of Imelda Marcos.

"I wondered where all those shoes went.." mused Imelda