Introducing the earthrhize HALO

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

We all create waste and pollution. It is an inevitable, embedded part of our daily lives. Although we can make considerable personal changes, other macro changes must be government led.

While we campaign and demand for these transformations, we can still do something to counterbalance the environmental damage caused by our lifestyles.

We’re talking about more than just your carbon footprint here.

Offsetting our unpreventable emissions is only part of the solution required to restore the health of our planet.

We encourage you to look beyond your carbon footprint and to the natural resources required to sustain your lifestyle. From the air you breathe, food you eat, water you drink, wood for your table to the precious metals in your phone, plastic in your shopping and heat in your home.

What we take out of this earth we must make an effort to put back.

This goes beyond restoring our atmospheric conditions to helping regenerate humanity, land and oceans as well.

That’s where we come in.

We find the best projects working in and across the four elements of Humanity, Air, Land and Oceans who are creating real-time, real-world change.

earthrhize allocate your monthly subscription to a range of projects, each month and through the process of diversification aim to impact positively each sector of the earthrhize HALO:

Humanity: Supporting sustainable livelihoods, for those most affected by climate change

Air: Avoiding and capturing harmful greenhouse gas emissions

Land: Restoring the health and biodiversity of our land and freshwater

Oceans: Fostering flourishing marine ecosystems and removing ocean bound plastic pollution

The HALO metric illustrates the impact the sponsored projects create.

You can discover the projects contributing to your HALO, whether it’s from trees planted, farmers supported, mangroves created, or renewable energy financed, through the membership log in pages.

We additionally provide you with a monthly newsletter updating you on the latest projects supported, why we chose them and what difference you have made.

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