A Day at COP26 - Day 3

The New York Times Climate Hub ...hmmm..

COP Day 3

Explored new ground today and headed to the New York Times Climate Hub. Like all things COP related except the blue zone itself it was poorly signed, hard to reach and surrounded by unattractive metal fencing. Inside was a different story with free vegan delights all day and a panel event with Tortoise Media and the CEO of MacDonalds on the chains of command in the food system. Macca’s is pioneering regeneratively raised beef, who knew?

We headed back across to the blue zone (again, no signs) and headed into the Action Zone to plan for the afternoon. We soon made our way through the maze of the blue zone and out a weird back door into what turned out to be the UN Constituency Offices, including those of YOUNGO, the UNFCCC Youth group. We spoke with them about their experience of diplomacy and getting youth voices through the COP machine.

After this I made a couple more interviews then moved onto the now open plenary zone. This had previously been closed for the World Leaders Summit but had now been opened for the real negotiations to begin. I stood outside a negotiation on the outcome of the carbon markets but was unable due to Covid related capacity restrictions. I shall return tomorrow and get in at the beginning now I know where they are!

"Now I know where everything is .. they can run but cannot hide .. "