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by planting trees, reducing carbon emssions and cleaning up ocean-bound plastic

Offset entire years, past or future. 

Plant a tree for every day

Planting trees is a great way to do your bit to halt climate change. Plant 365 mangrove trees for each year you offset. In 25 years time, they will have sequestered around 90 tonnes of carbon dioxide. 

Offset the average UK annual carbon footprint

The full carbon benefits of the trees you plant are far into the future. To make a difference now, you'll be supporting solutions to the climate crisis, including REDD+ forest conservation projects and clean energy production. For each year you offset, you'll be preventing 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, the average UK carbon footprint.

Offset the average UK annual plastic footprint
In the UK, the average plastic footprint is 44kg. That's equivalent to about 2,200 half-litre plastic bottles. For each year you offset, you'll be preventing 44kg of plastic from entering the ocean by funding the clean up and recycling of plastic pollution from coastlines.

How many years would you like to offset?

1 year


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plant 365 trees

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offset 12 tonnes of CO2

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clean up 44 kg of plastic


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plant 30 trees

Air Logo.png

offset 1.2 tonnes of carbon

Plastic Logo.png

clean up 6 kg of plastic

Or choose your impact

based on your budget

Whatever offset package you choose, you'll receive a certificate to confirm your impact as well as details of the projects you're supporting. 
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Support sustainable livelihoods

Reduce emissions

Plant trees

Clean up ocean-bound plastic

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