NIHT Topaiyo REDD+

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Project Summary

This REDD+ project works with communities in Papua New Guineau to preserve 110,000 hectares of tropical rainforest. The project will sequester 60 million tonnes over its 30-year lifetime. Traditional logging company NIHT has changed its approach to forestry by actively protecting and conserving regions of rainforest that were previously assigned for timber extraction through running this REDD+ project.

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hectares of rainforest protected

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tonnes of carbon emissions avoided

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local inhabitants to receive income benefits



1. Works directly with the indigenous communities.

2. Directly addresses a broad range of the SDGs.


1. Protects an incredibly biodiverse region.

2. Region otherwise heavily logged.



1. Protecting tropical rainforest even better than planting trees.

2. Incentivises continued protection over the long-term.

This project does not have a direct impact on the oceans, check out these other projects that do: Eden, Plastic Bank.

This diagram shows the earthrhize HALO for  NIHT Topaiyo. The HALO demonstrates our assessment of the project's impact on sustainable livelihoods (H), air quality (A), biodiversity & land quality (L) and ocean quality (O). 

We select a portfolio of projects that demonstrate holistic climate action across the HALO. 


UN Sustainable Development Goals




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This diagram demonstrates how NIHT Topaiyo REDD+ performs across different Sustainable Development Goals. 

Why we like it

  • Traditional landowners and tribal communities receive the majority of income from the project. The project helps create sustainable incomes in an economically poor country - Papua New Guinea is ranked 155th out of 189 in the Planetary Pressures Adjusted Human Development Index. This income will help fight poverty in the region and will incentivise locals away from the short-term profits available from deforestation. Over 47,000 individuals in the region will receive income benefit from the project.

  • The project contains multiple local initiatives spanning nearly every single Sustainable Development Goal, giving a high score in a key part of our analysis process. These include supporting women’s healthcare with mammary screens as well as education and business support programmes.

  • Mature tropical rainforests are excellent carbon sinks, protecting them is ranked even higher than planting new trees on the Project Drawdown sequestration rankings. Every year Papua New Guinea loses 1.4% of its forested land which this project helps to slow. We like this project as well because it demonstrates the strengths of the REDD+ mechanism in providing an economic incentive for protecting rainforests.

  • The project also conserves existing healthy, biodiversity rich tropical ecosystems. The protected forest is home to around 5% of the world’s biodiversity so the project scored very highly on our biodiversity assessment.


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