Supporting sustainable livelihoods and addressing climate injustice

Why Humanity?

The climate crisis is a humanitarian crisis. It is a human problem with a human solution. Only by supporting and empowering the communities most affected by our changing climate will we truly tackle the problem.

Climate change is a social justice issue as well. Those least responsible for it are the ones who face the worst effects. We fund projects that prioritise local and indigenous knowledge whilst building resilience in the target regions.


We assess our projects on their human impacts - how much do they help those worst affected by climate change? How does the project build resilience and create sustainable incomes? How does it avoid broken incentive systems that end up benefiting the wrong people?


Nii Kaniti

  • Nii Kaniti works with seven communities belonging to two indigenous ethnic groups, Shipibo Conibo and Cacataibo.

  • It is the world's first indigenous-led FSC certified timber programme in the world. 

  • Over the project lifetime, over 2,000 women will have improved their livelihood or generated income from the project. This includes the production of traditional crafts and providing them with a route to market.  

  • Plastic Bank aims to lift people out of poverty by turning waste plastic into a form of currency. Their members are able to exchange the plastic they collect for basic family necessities, including groceries, cooking fuel, school tuition and health insurance. 

Plastic Bank

  • We support their work in Haiti, a poverty-stricken nation that ranks 170th out of 189 countries on the PPHDI. 

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