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Good for your 

Attract and retain the best young talent.

Sustainable businesses have the edge.


of millennial's said they have chosen a job because the company performed better on sustainability than other choices.
Fast Company 2019

of millennial's said they would stay with a company owing to a strong sustainability plan  
Fast Company 2019

of 25-34 years old agree on the importance of sustainability for attracting and retaining talent. 
Rising to 67% for Gen-Z.
Anthesis 2021

Sustainable businesses outperform unsustainable ones.

Triple bottom line is now the norm. 

A regenerative workforce package makes it simple to be sustainable.


better stock price performance

better operational performance

lower cost of capital

A meta-study published in 2015 by the University of Oxford and Arabesque titled “From the Stockholder to the Stakeholder” summarised approx. 200 scientific sources on the economic effects of sustainability and found that companies with good ESG performance had:

Sustainable companies have...

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