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Take your event climate positive with HALO.eco.

As an event organiser the environmental impact of organising an event can seem overwhelming.

Pre-pandemic UK outdoor events and festivals were responsible for:

23,000 tonnes of CO2

185 million litres of water

Each year!

26,000 tonnes of waste

Source: Vision 2025

Want to do your bit and take your event climate positive?

Enter earthrhize.

What We Do

We provide bespoke services to help account for the environmental footprint of your event.


We use our assessment tool to analyse the impact of your event - from the energy used to light your stages through the carbon footprint of the drinks you sell to the total plastic wastage of the event.


We work with you to find the best way to take your event climate positive. This can be in the form of ticket add-ons or one-off event offsets - whatever works for you.


We work with our partners to make an environmental impact on your behalf. We can work with you to choose the projects that best suit your values and needs.

We give you and your attendees peace of mind so that you can get on with enjoying your event.


Photo credits: @pombarephoto

Our Work

Come Bye Festival

Come Bye is a collaborative festival of music, art, talks, theatre and comedy where all attendees are encouraged to share their knowledge, skills and interests and be a part of the festival rather than just a spectator.

Come Bye are working with earthrhize to address the environmental impacts of their event they can't account for. We assessed their environmental footprint and worked with them to create a planet positive addition to their Final Release tickets.


We're working with them to choose the projects they would like this impact to fund - projects that best fit their vision for a better world.


Photo credits: @pombarephoto

Alongside being sustainability nerds, our team consists of seasoned festival goers, events organisers, musicians and producers. We'll work with you to find the right solution for your event.