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Offset your employees' environmental footprint by planting trees, supporting emissions reduction projects and cleaning up ocean-bound plastic

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Your Regenerative Workforce impact after one year:

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trees planted

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tonnes of CO2 offset

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kg of plastic cleaned up

Your business can start regenerating the planet today

How does it work?

1. Get in touch to sign up your business for £10 / employee / month 

By supporting a range of environmental projects, you can do the following for each of your employees at £10 / month: 


Plant trees

Plant 365 trees on their behalf, one for each day of the year. 


Offset their carbon footprint

Offset the UK average carbon footprint of 12 tonnes per year through certified carbon offsetting projects.


Offset their plastic footprint

Offset the average UK plastic footprint by preventing plastic pollution from reaching the ocean. 

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2. We'll set you up with your company dashboard:


Track your impact

You'll be able to watch your impact grow as you plant more trees, reduce more emissions and clean up more plastic. 


Communicate your impact

Your public URL is the perfect tool to share your positive impact with stakeholders. 


Understand your impact

Learn about the projects you're supporting and the lives you're helping to change for the better. 

3. You'll gain access to your Regenerative Workforce badge:


Display it proudly on your website and in your communications to demonstrate your commitment to going beyond sustainability towards regeneration.

Why become a Regenerative Workforce?


Show employees that you care about them and the world they live in

Be a business your employees can be proud of working for

Increase workplace morale by giving your employees a sense of green purpose


Good for your employees

of millennials said they would stay with a company owing to a strong sustainability plan

reduction in long-term turnover for companies with strong sustainability policies

Snow Capped Mountains

Good for your business



Our solutions are designed to maximise your environmental impact


Support sustainable livelihoods


Reduce carbon emissions


Plant trees


Clean up ocean-bound plastic 


Good for your planet

If you'd like to find out more information, please download a copy of our Regenerative Workforce presentation

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Harry Norris, CEO | Big Little Brands has been integral for our company in allowing us to further explore ways in which we can help to reverse the devastating effects that fast fashion is having on our planet. It also enables us to put a general figure on our own efforts to combat climate change and fast fashion, giving our customers another reason to trust and shop with us.


A Regenerative Workforce is a staff perk to bridge the gap to a Net Zero planet. It's a simple, affordable monthly environmental offsetting subscription for you to signal your commitment to your employees and the planet. When your business becomes a Regenerative Workforce, you support a range of projects which lets you do the following for each of your employees every year:

1. offset their carbon footprint of 12 tonnes 

2. offset their plastic footprint of 44 kg

3. Plant 365 trees

Every business is capable of having a positive environmental impact. Becoming a Regenerative Workforce is a transparent and effortless way for your business to do so. 

We use a figure of 12 tonnes per year for an individual's carbon footprint.


You will, no doubt, have seen many references to carbon footprint. It's likely none of the numbers will have been the same as there are many different ways of measuring carbon footprint. For instance, the UK government's annual carbon emissions report cites four measures ranging from about 5.5 tonnes per person per year up to about 12.5 tonnes per person per year. The differences arise principally from whether the figures measure only emissions in the UK, or include all emissions associated with activities in the UK, including imports and aviation.

A figure of c. 10.6 tonnes captures the carbon footprint of a typical individual's consumption. based on ONS figures examined by the excellent team at and we feel this is a sensible benchmark. We choose to add a bit extra in our assessments. We're ultimately more concerned with direction of travel than attempting to measure precisely carbon emissions based on the imprecise recall and expressed intentions of conducting our daily lives.

As with carbon, estimations of an average person's plastic footprint vary drastically. We take the average single-use plastic footprint in the UK to be about 44 kg per year, a figure somewhere in the middle ground. That’s equivalent to 2,200 half-litre plastic bottles. We get this figure from a comprehensive study of global plastic waste conducted by the Minderoo Foundation.  

Traceability and verification are key elements we look for when assessing projects - only projects we can be sure of the impact of pass our assessment process.


The carbon verification process is a curious beast. Fundamentally, any offset we purchase on your behalf will be verified by one of the internationally recognised standards: Gold Standard, Verra VCS and the UN Clean Development Mechanism. We hold these certificates on your behalf and you can see them here


Our plastic partners and Plastic Bank both verify their ocean plastic clean up using block chain technology. At the moment we hold certificates on your behalf (here) as proof of impact, but we are working to incorporate a more granular portrayal of your plastic clean up impact soon.


As with all our projects, our tree planting partners must pass our rigorous assessment process. We will only select partners that follow best practice, look after the trees beyond their planting and keep track of survival rate. As with carbon and plastic we currently hold certificates on your half but will soon have a more interactive tool to track our tree planting.

We believe in delivering as much of your money as possible towards solving the environmental crisis.


85% of your subscription goes towards our impact projects. When we assess projects we look closely at how the money is used - projects where the money goes directly to the communities score the most highly.


The final 15% we take to keep the lights on (renewable tariff of course), run the website you are reading this on and make this a sustainable way of creating impact.

Our philosophy of taking a holistic view of environmental solutions leads to a fundamentally different approach to offsetting than most companies.

For us it's not about getting our hands on low-quality offsets at the cheapest price possible. We only select projects that have additional benefits beyond carbon, whether that's supporting sustainable livelihoods or enabling biodiversity to thrive. It was for the purpose of assessing these projects that the concept of HALO was born. This allows us to direct your funds to a diverse range of projects which together benefit all four categories of HALO: humanity, air, land and ocean. 





Support sustainable livelihoods

Reduce emissions

All your environmental impact in one place

Plant trees

Clean up ocean-bound plastic